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Tumblestones or tumbled stones as they are often called are enjoyed by a growing number of people for a variety of reasons. Some people just love to collect them because they look gorgeous, but more and more are beginning to recognise their healing abilities (see our Healing Properties chart).

The use of healing crystals (tumblestones) is an age old tradition going back thousands of years and is certainly now seeing a revival in interest. With the re-emergence of the New Age culture in the 1980's came the old traditions - crystal healing being one of them. Crystal healing with tumblestones is now part of nearly every complementary therapists range of services.


Tumblestones are so called because they are exactly that - natures pure crystals tumbled in a tumbler, together with fine grit and tumbled continuously for days if not weeks until they are smooth. During the process they are taken out and inspected.

So, you end up with a beautiful natural stone containing all the amazing healing properties within....

Because of their healing properties, they are widely used for crystal healing, during meditation and also carried by many people in their pockets, bags and wallets. Some even wear them in the form of necklaces, or have them as keyrings. Having them around you WILL bring out the healing properties within them. The healing effect that these stones have is amazing - I can vouch for that!

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